Thursday, August 11, 2016

OMG I have an interesting blog that I don't even update

I'm such a sad entity for trying to keep a blog, really.

Almost two years ago when I started I thought it was an amazing idea and I'd have the enthusiasm to update soooo often. Then I got lazy and made a cosplay Facebook page for when I'm too lazy to write a novel (like a good blogger would) but have some photos to post and some thoughts to share. Then after a while I got even more lazy and made an Instagram account for when I'm too lazy to open my (stone-age old) computer for an optimized Facebook updating, and have some photos of my costumes in-making or selfies from conventions or such interesting content... That's what I thought. But it all came back to the one truth: I just suck at having any social media accounts!

So yeah it's totally normal for me to have a small hiatus of a year and half with no updates, no nothing, and then come back and be like "Hey everyone, remember me? Oh, you don't really? How come..."

Well, never mind that though, I'll just have this as my personal once-in-ten-years-I-might-want-to-write-an-entry journal. For fun and all that crap.

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...For the minimal chance that someone actually follows my updates here, I'll post some fabulous yearly collages of my cosplays through 2014 up to this point.

Madoka Kaname, Yukimura Kusunoki, "Boob-chan" violet/blue-haired ver., Koyomi Araragi, Toby, Yuzuru Otonashi, and Levi. Six completely new costumes total in 2014 and one reused from the earlier year. This year I started to (learn to) pattern myself and sew all the clothes for my costumes. It was a year among others, but my real cosplay life began from there, I like to think.

Angela Balzac, Junpei Iori, Meme-chan, Kirino Kousaka, Yusuke Urameshi, Noda, King. Also the main dude of P3 and Yukiteru Amano. Five completely new costumes and two variations with the costumes I already owned, and photoshoots of these older characters. It was a year of melancholy and discontent towards my costumes due to the rushed finishes most of these got. I didn't enjoy many of the conventions this year as much as I wanted because I was so tired...

Katherine McBride, Kureha Tsubaki and Michiru Kaioh. 2016 has been a year of very few new costumes this far, but nonetheless, I have lots on my mind and planned cosplays list! Too much.

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For other news...

I have finally made the great decision to buy a new computer-companion to be my aide on my "updating the social media" adventures, and with editing my cosplay photos, and maybe with some school work too. My old computer was, frankly, soon ten years old PC with WinVista, and I'll tell you that our relationship was not the most peaceful. There were times when I planned many ways to destroy that devil's advocate. In ten minute intervals. Each time I had to use it.
I've also bought a new TV just recently, but that's beyond the point. It's great for watching anime though.

I began studying for a dressmaker in a college for adults in January this year, it's a 1.5 year long vocational studies program. It's been taking most of my free time that had already decreased with my new job I got at the turn of the year.
So I've had to drop many and many of my cosplay plans for this year, but it's all right with all the new things I've got to experience. It's been a great opportunity, a new beginning of sorts. I've found lots of new sources for inspiration and motivation, and thought about why I cosplay in the first place and deep stuff like that. I really needed that after last year's burnout with the hobby that was supposed to be fun.

And pretty much a year ago, in August 2015, I moved to live alone in Tampere, mainly to search for a job and new things in my life, and I've sure got those now! I'll aim forward from here and see what the near future holds.

I'll keep this page informed just as well as before, so don't look forward to anything, right?
Thanks, bye! 

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Why in the myriad gods' names are you here? Go spend your life on some better bullshit. My content won't get any better, that I can promise!

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